We raised almost $27,000 on Kickstarter in Fall 2015, and manufactured our Beta run in Summer 2016.  HaloVino 2.0 expected January 1, 2017.


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HaloVino™ glasses, invented by My Wine School owner, Jessica Bell, are the first shatterproof, stemless wine glasses retailing under $1.00.


Shatterproof, stackable, stemless wine glass revolutionizes casual wine consumption

Inventor pledges future profits to childhood cancer research

October 29, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – Today, HaloVinoTM, a Milwaukee-based startup, will launch its patent-pending shatterproof, stackable, stemless wine glass. Sommelier and wine school owner, Jessica Bell, became frustrated drinking wine from plastic cups at stadiums, theaters and fairs. “The wrong glass shape can make a $50 wine taste and feel like a $5 wine. And, the current options spill too easily.”

Bell is not alone. Single-serving wine containers have become the fastest growing segment of the $2.9 billion wine packaging sector. With increasing wine consumption at concert halls, theme parks, and sporting events, wine drinkers are becoming increasingly disappointed. The current drinkware options dilute taste, quality and overall experience. HaloVinoTM glasses, on the other hand, with their wine-friendly goblet shape, elevate perception of both wine and event.

Bell designed HaloVinoTM glassware to meet the needs of the casual sophisticated wine drinker. The patent-pending two-piece design snaps easily together for a watertight seal, and a halo-like effect around a stemless wine glass. This unique design allows up to ten HaloVinoTM glasses to stack in the space of one stemmed wine glass. A sleeve of twelve glasses will retail for under $10.00, and they will be recyclable and dishwasher-safe. In spite of all these conveniences, HaloVinoTM glassware maintains its integrity as a wine glass. Its narrow rim and wide body facilitate swirling and the funneling of wine vapors to your nose, maximizing wine enjoyment.

HaloVinoTM launches today on Kickstarter with a campaign goal of $15,000 to fund tooling for its initial production run. HaloVinoTM glasses will be available for pre-sale on Kickstarter, along with a number of unique wine experiences designed for holiday gifting, such as live online wine classes, extravagant dinners and VIP tailgating outings with Bell as the guide. This campaign is the only retail buying opportunity until late 2016. Bell has already placed the cups in a marquee stadium, and will be focusing on stadium sales in 2016, before developing retail sales. To get your HaloVinoTM  glasses through Kickstarter, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jessicaLbell/halovino-wine-glass.

Backers have another reason to feel good about their support for HaloVinoTM glassware. Bell has pledged 20% of profits to childhood cancer and genetic disorders. “Becoming a working mom of two young kids created the ‘perfect storm’ for HaloVino™. My son Roger’s arrival bestowed upon our lives so much, including HaloVino™.” A year later, during product development, Roger, became very ill with a genetic disorder. Bell decided to honor his contribution by using HaloVinoTM’s success to shine light on the lives of other sick children. “I became determined “Fill Roger’s Cup”, an endowment for our cause, to the brim with proceeds from our sales.”

About HaloVinoTM

HaloVinoTM is a premium disposable drinkware company dedicated to making wine fun, approachable and accessible through its patent-pending shatterproof, stackable, stemless wine glass, HaloVinoTM. Developed for the sophisticated casual wine drinker, HaloVinoTM glasses can be used anywhere alcohol is served. For more information, please visit http://www.halovino.com/.


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