90 Seconds to a Sweeter You

Wine and Chocolate Pairings

In the next 90 seconds you will learn all you need to know aboutChoc  Wine wine and chocolate pairings. After seven years of, ehem, "practice", I have condensed (the sweetened milk kind, of course) all of that experience into 3 simple rules. This is it... ready?

Rule #1: To play it safe with any food and wine pairing, you should always choose a wine that is at least as sweet as your food, which in this case, is chocolate.

So choose sweet wines, preferably red, like port and other desert wines.

Rule #2: Feel free to break Rule #1 and choose a dry red wine, but it MUST satisfy the following three requirements...

1) Very fruity, even "jammy"

2) Low Tannin

3) Velvety, Soft, Plush Texture

Purchasing Tip: Look for wines that retail for $12-24 to ensure it has enough flavor to stand up to all that sugar and flavor in the chocolate, but not too much tannin found in some higher end wines.

Try Australian Shiraz, California Zinfandel, Chilean Carmenere, and Spanish Garnacha.

Rule #3: When all else fails (i.e. Rule #1 and Rule #2), drink any wine you can find. After all, its just sugar and alcohol.

I can all but guarantee you will be happier with a less-than-perfect wine than no wine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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